Advanced Web Applications Using Symfony

with Doctrine, Postgres, and Redis

You love PHP and have toyed around with Symfony, or have released a Symfony application but don't think you got the most out of the framework. I had these same feelings when I began using Symfony. Sure, the Symfony documentation is great, but it only scratches the surface of what Symfony can do.

My new book, Advanced Web Applications Using Symfony, will teach you the secrets behind building, deploying, and securing an advanced web application from the ground up!

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What You'll Learn

  • Laying out a Symfony 2.3 project for future growth
  • Developing with Vagrant
  • How to compile PHP 5.5, PostgreSQL 9.2, and Redis 2.6
  • Install Nginx 1.5 from scratch
  • Learn Symfony authentication, authorization, and security
  • Take advantage of the Symfony service container
  • Comprehensive error management and reporting with events
  • Understanding Symfony configuration
  • Use PHP 5.4 traits to efficiently organize your code
  • Build a complete REST API from start to finish
  • Database migrations
  • Thoroughly testing your application with PHPUnit
  • Integration with Phing
  • How to work on a team with Symfony
  • Background data processing with Resque
  • Working with a 3rd party API
  • The basics of the Foundation CSS framework
  • Configuring and securing a production server from scratch
  • Configuring and securing Nginx with SSL
  • Deployments with Capistrano

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Configuring Your Environment
  3. Laying Out Your Symfony Application
  4. Working With Phing
  5. Deployments
  6. Designing Your Application
  7. Building a REST API
  8. Building an Admin Panel
  9. Wrapping Up
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Read two FREE chapters


When will the book be released?

I estimate the book will be released in late November 2013. Pre-sale customers will receive updates as the book progresses. As it currently stands, the book is 60% complete.

What will I learn?

In addition to the list above, Advanced Web Applications Using Symfony will teach you how to be a better programmer in general. This opinioned book is backed with years of research and industry expertise. In addition to being a better programmer at the conclusion of this book, you will have a better understanding of advanced web applications from the ground up. You will understand server management and server security, good development practices, and great testing skills after you have finished Advanced Web Applications Using Symfony.

How can I trust you?

Advanced Web Applications Using Symfony is being published under my software consulting company Bright March. I am extremely easy to contact, and you will receive weekly updates on the status of the book as it progresses.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Absolutely! I don't have PayPal integrated with this website, but you can send $49.99 to and you will be placed on the pre-order list.

What if I'm not satisfied?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase either during the pre-sale or after the book has been published, I will refund your money 100% no questions asked.

Will I get free updates?

Yes! Pre-sale customers will receive free updates with the book both before it is officially released and afterward.

When the book is published, what exactly will I receive?
  • DRM free PDF
  • Single file easily searchable HTML
  • All code and configuration files in one convienent package ready for deployment.

Still Not Convinced?

Here's what it comes down to: Advanced Web Applications Using Symfony will make you a better programmer. The amount of knowledge you will gain with this book will last for the rest of your career. Make the investment in yourself today, and pre-order a copy.

Pre-Order Now For $49.99

You will not be charged until the book is released!

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About the Author

My name is Vic Cherubini and I have been building web applications with a variety of different technologies since 1999. Before discovering Symfony, I generally used a homegrown PHP framework for all web application development. Since I started using Symfony two years ago, I have built and launched more than ten large applications using Symfony. Each application taught me how to use the framework better and better and now you can take advatange of the hundreds of hours I have put into learning Symfony.